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Flight Attendant Jobs & Guide to Become a Flight Attendant

If you are searching for flight attendant Jobs in different airlines, then you are at the right place because here we have gathered all the available jobs at one platform. Here in this job portal, you will get each minute details about flight attendant careers, their duties and responsibilities, qualification and requirement, and different ways to become a successful cabin crew member. Referred by different names like Airline Stewardess or Cabin attendant they are among the most important members on board in an airline and also one of the most employees in the aviation sector. Among many other responsibilities that they perform the most important one is to keep passengers safe no matter what. The ideal candidate in this sector is the one who will be well with customers and have some experience in customer services along with some excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Candidates who are deciding to apply for this job must be aware of the efforts that these job positions demand. This position requires both intelligence and hospitality and offers a career to those individuals who want to provide their services to people. These are just general things that we have written about this specific role but if you want to know more about them then you should read everything in detail as we have mentioned everything below for your convenience.

Flight Attendant Jobs & Recruitment Process 

Flight Attendant Jobs

Duties and Responsibilities

A flight attendant is a job that requires responsibility and attentiveness from the candidate. If you want to excel in this particular role, then you need to keep in mind the number of duties and responsibilities that you have to perform. This is not an easy job because of the varied number of responsibilities that a flight attendant has to carry out to serve the passenger in every possible way. Let’s have a look at the responsibilities they need to fulfill in this position:

  • Their duty starts when the passengers step on the plan by welcoming and guiding them to their seats.
  • They are responsible for checking the airplane before the flight for any technical disability due to safety checks and to make sure that the plane is clean or not.
  • Assist passengers on board to remain safe and calm in situations of emergency and natural hazards and give them first aid in an emergency.
  • Flight attendants are also responsible for answering any query of passengers regarding the schedule of flight, aircraft, weather, services, travel routes, arrival time, etc. and ask them time to time if they need anything.
  • Serving of food and making of beverages is also an important duty of a flight attendant.
  • To take care of passengers that require extra support because of any type of disability.
  • They have to see for any security issue and also have to make analytic reports on issues of safety and flight.
  • Give instructions about the usage of emergency equipment and demonstrates them by using all these things on themselves before the start of any flight.
  • They check if any passenger is uncomfortable or having any issue with other passengers and politely refuse them if they are going against any rules.
  • Do all these things according to the rules and regulations of the aviation industry.
  • Assist passengers in carrying their luggage, help them in properly keeping them above their heads in the space, and settle them in their seats.
  • Give the passengers anything that they require by collecting the money and keep the amount safe with themselves.
  • Keep an eye on shady behaviors and to report directly to the authorities about them.
    Take a look at the passengers and notify them about the rules before the take-off and landing of the plane.

Requirements and Qualifications

We all know that flight attendants are on board for the comfort of the passengers in any airline and we think that is an easy job to do. But you will be surprised if we will tell you that this job comes among the most difficult ones because customer services are not everyone’s cup of tea. They need to be agile, active, and hardworking along with highly qualified and certificates in various languages. Below we have given an overview of the qualifications and other things that are required to apply for this job:

  • Diploma and high school certificates are the minimum requirements of qualification in becoming a flight attendant but some famous and reputable airlines prefer degree holders because of the education and to create a good environment.
  • Experience in the same field is really necessary if you are approaching famous airlines for the position.
  • Have certificates of proficiency in different languages will be a remarkable asset for your portfolio.
  • Having fluency in the English language is mandatory for this job.
  • Applicants will be requested to provide their original documents, which can verify their information in the CV.
  • The background security check is also done. Medical and drug test reports are also required.
  • The aviation industry has set the minimum age of the candidate should be 18 years but some employers prefer applicants with maximum experience.
  • There are certain physical requirements which are mandatory to have if you are applying for this post i.e. minimum height should be in between 5’’0’ to 5’’1’, your vision should be correct and there should not be any default with your eyes, physical fitness is a must, male and female both applicants must know how to groom so that they can look better, and female candidates must know how to makeover.
  • Training of applicants for nearly 6 weeks or 2 months is a must.
  • Aspirants must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills because this job is all about communicating with others.

How to become A Flight Attendant?

Becoming a flight attendant is not an easy job and that we have already viewed in the above two categories. There are uncountable tasks along with a very difficult hiring process in your way of achieving this position. Below we are stating some situations and points that you have to go through if you are aiming to become a flight attendant and want to achieve your goal:

  1. You need a vigorous amount of training and certification before starting your job as the cabin crew member. Some schools train new flight attendants but if you are already hired by an airline then you will have to serve a training period before joining.
  2. Candidate must have the certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency, which is normally issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and this can be achieved by serving a minimum amount of time training under this department.
  3. After having all the above-mentioned certificates and training, people think that they can fly through the world and can now achieve their goals. But that is not the case because you have to serve some more days being on reserved status.
  4. If you are new to this industry, then you will work only when you have to fill somebody else’s spot and they will give you pay according to the hours. After this reserve status, you will be advanced to monthly assignments, which can take months and years because it requires seniority.
  5. You are also required to go to some sessions from time to time that gives you pre-flight briefings and needs to study all the details about flights before beginning your job.
  6. Competition in this industry is fierce and you have to be very proficient and up-to-date in your job, otherwise, you can face rejection.
  7. You can apply to the jobs of flight attendants many a time because they are rare and also there is competition in this field.
  8. You need to remain up-to-date and stay connected so that you will immediately be notified whenever a job comes up.

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